Speech and Multimodal Interfaces Laboratory

Victories in the ComParE 2020 competition

Our laboratory, together with Dutch and German colleagues, took part in the annual international competition in computational paralinguistics (Interspeech Computational Paralinguistics ChallengE, ComParE) as the framework of the international conference INTERSPEECH 2020.


This year, the organizers have proposed three sub-challenges:

- the Breathing sub-challenge - mapping the signal of a piezoelectric belt attached to a person's chest with a person's speech. In this sub-challenge, we took first place. 🏆

- the Elderly Emotion sub-challenge - recognition of emotions of the elderly people. In this sub-challenge, we also took first place.🏆

- the Mask sub-challenge - determining whether the speaker has a medical mask during a speech or not. In this sub-challenge, we placed fourth.


Following the results of the competition, 2 articles were published in the proceedings of the international conference INTERSPEECH 2020, which is included in the rating of top conferences with the A* level:

- Ensembling End-to-End Deep Models for Computational Paralinguistics Tasks: ComParE 2020 Mask and Breathing Sub-Challenges

- Is Everything Fine, Grandma? Acoustic and Linguistic Modeling for Robust Elderly Speech Emotion Recognition


Congratulations to the winners!

Award ComParE2020 Breating