Speech and Multimodal Interfaces Laboratory

Velichko Alena Nikolaevna

Velichko Alena Nikolaevna
Junior researcher
PhD student



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Velichko A., Karpov A. A Study of Data Scarcity Problem for Automatic Detection of Deceptive Speech Utterances // CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 3rd International Conference on R. Piotrowski's Readings in Language Engineering and Applied Linguistics PRLEAL-2019, vol. 2552, 2020, pp. 38-46.


Velichko A., Budkov V., Kagirov I., Karpov A. Applying Ensemble Learning Techniques and Neural Networks to Deceptive and Truthful Information Detection Task in the Flow of Speech // Studies in Computational Intelligence, Springer SCI 868, IDC 2019, pp. 457-466.
Velichko A.N., Budkov V.Yu. Development of a prototype system for the automatic determination of false and true information in speech. Proceedings of the 8th interdisciplinary seminar “Analysis of spoken Russian speech” AR3-2019, St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg State University, 2019, pp. 17-20.


A. Velichko, A. Karpov, V. Budkov. Analytical survey of speech corpora for deception detection systems // Proc. of Conf. “Information Technologies in Control” (ITU-2018), 2-4 October 2018, St. Petersburg. Pp. 534-538.