Speech and Multimodal Interfaces Laboratory

Lyakso Elena Evgenyevna

Lyakso Elena Evgenyevna
Leading researcher
Doctor of Biological Sciences
Academic title



Dvoynikova A., Markitantov M., Ryumina E., Uzdiaev M., Velichko A., Ryumin D., Lyakso E., Karpov A. Analysis of infoware and software for human affective states recognition // Informatics and Automation. 2022. No. 6 (21). pp. 1097-1144.
Dvoynikova A., Markitantov M., Ryumina E., Uzdiaev M., Velichko A., Kagirov I., Kipyatkova I., Lyakso E., Karpov A. An analysis of automatic techniques for recognizing human's affective states by speech and multimodal data // Proceedings of 24th International Congress on Acoustics ICA-2022. Korea. 2022. pp. 22-33.


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