Speech and Multimodal Interfaces Laboratory

Velichko Alena Nikolaevna

Velichko Alena Nikolaevna
Junior researcher
PhD student



Velichko A., Budkov V., Karpov A. Study of classification methods for automatic truth and deception detection in speech // Science Bulletin of NTU. № 3 (72), 2018, pp. 21-32.
Velichko A., Budkov V., Kagirov I., Karpov A. Comparative Analysis of Classification Methods for Automatic Deception Detection in Speech. In Proc. 20th International Conference on Speech and Computer SPECOM-2018, Leipzig, Germany, Springer, LNAI vol. 11096, 2018, pp. 737-746.


Velichko A., Sokolov B., Karpov A., Budkov V. A brief review of the methods used in paralinguistic analysis of speech. Collection of reports of the 70th international student scientific conference GUAP. Part 2. Technical Sciences, St. Petersburg: GUAP, 2017, pp. 51-53.
Velichko A., Budkov V., Karpov A. Analytical Survey of Computational Paralinguistic Systems for Automatic Recognition of Deception in Human Speech // Informatsionno-Upravliaiushchie Sistemy, No. 5, 2017, pp. 30-41.